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Secretly Married.

matt smith & karen gillan @ livejournal

the badger and the hamster
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Welcome to mattkaren your number one and only community dedicated to the relationship between Matt Smith and Karen Gillan who play The Eleventh Doctor & Amy Pond from the hit BBC Drama series Doctor Who. Here you can post fanfiction, graphics, spoilers, and anything else relating to Matt and Karen.
1. All posts must be related to Matt Smith and Karen Gillan.

2. Discussions concerning Matt & Karen's private lives will not be tolorated. This means nothing gossipy, who is dating who, etc. For more information about what is considered gossipy and what isn't, please check out our privacy policy.

3. All posts must be tagged appropriately. If the tag you are looking for is not there, or you are unsure as to how to tag your post please notify a mod.

4. Large images, lengthy articles, picspams and spoilers should be posted under an LJ cut.

5. Bashing of any sort - towards Matt and Karen, any characters they have potrayed , or of your fellow community members - will not be tolerated. Anything that constitues bashing will be deleted.

6. We welcome all fanart, including fanmixes, icons, graphic arts, fanfiction, fanvideos, etc. Adult material should be marked and under a cut. For Icons: Please make sure there are at least three icons of Matt and/or Karen and/or their characters in the icon preview.

7. Please get permission from the mods before promoting any new communities, events, etc. All of these must be approved before being posted. ;)

8. Any videos or downloads should be f-locked at all times. Also please refrain from posting any iligal downloads.

9. Any questions? Please don't hesitate to PM one of the mods or contact us via Page-a-Mod system. Have Fun and Happy Posting!!

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